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October 17-21, 2018 World Robot Summit 2018 | August / October 2020 World Robot Summit 2020

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Partner Robot Challenge
(Real Space)

Detailed rules will be updated as necessary. We will keep you informed about any progress. (Latest version as of Oct.05, 2018).


The participants will compete the total score.
All tasks will be done by TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION HSR (Human Support Robot).

1. Partner Robot Challenge
(Real Space)

2. Skill Challenge

3. Final –
Show me the future


1. Partner Robot Challenge
(Real Space)

The concept of Partner Robot Challenge is to foster the collaboration between human and robot. Not limited to assistance for handicapped person, but also in domestic home environment with living children and elderly person, it is targeted to realize a rich collaborative living environment for human and robot.
It is not the aim of this competition for the robot to complete the task alone, but with the communication and workload sharing with human user, this challenge competes the technologies for smooth collaboration between human and robot.
The focus on human-robot collaboration is the uniqueness of this competition.

2. Skill Challenge

2.1 Bring Me

Go get an object from a designated room.


Based on the operator’s instruction, go get an instructed object from a list of 4 known objects and one previously presented unknown object. If the instructed object is handed over to the operator, or enters a designated area in the vicinity of the operator (within the 2D projection of the floor), the task is considered completed.

Technical Focus

This test focuses mainly on object memory, HRI, semantic mapping, object perception and manipulation.

2.2 Tidy Up Here Test

Tidy up the objects to the original positions in a room.


Tidy up objects from the incorrect positions to a predetermined tidy up space.
Stage 1: Put scattered toys in order on the toy shelf in the children room.
Stage 2: Clean up scattered objects in living and dining rooms, by confirming with human user whether to discard or tidy up the objects.

Technical Focus

Stage1: semantic mapping, object perception and manipulation
Stage2: HRI, semantic mapping, unknown object perception and manipulation

3. Final – Show me the future

The purpose of the Final is to enable the participating teams to demonstrate their robots’ best abilities as a partner robot to support human without any rule restriction. The teams are encouraged to demonstrate their latest research development on new approaches, applications of the assistance robot in an interesting scenario setting.
The Final aims to demonstrate the concept of future barrier-free (handicapped person, elderly person, healthy person) robotic home environment. A team must have at least one member to play the role of an elderly person in the demonstration.


  • - Presentation 2min
  • - Demonstration 10min
  • - Q&A 5min


Both the demonstration of the robot(s), and the answers of the team in the interview part are evaluated.

  • - Overall demonstration
  • - Human-robot interaction in the demonstration
  • - Robot autonomy in the demonstration
  • - Realism and usefulness for daily life (Can this robot become a product?)
  • - Novelty and (scientific) contribution (+contribution to the community)
  • - Difficulty and success of the demonstration

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