World Robot Summit

October 17-21, 2018 World Robot Summit 2018 | August / October 2020 World Robot Summit 2020

Junior Category

Home Robot Challenge

Detailed rules will be updated as necessary. We will keep you informed about any progress. (Latest version as of Dec.19, 2018).


Developing and programming robots
that solve challenges to improve our home environments.

Home Robot Challenge has two leagues:

  • Mini Size League
  • Real Size League
    * Real Size League Challenge won’t be held at WRS2018.

Skill Challenge for 2018

Mini Size League;

  • Robot Guide Test
  • Follow Me Test
  • Pick and Place Test

Open Demonstration

The Open Demonstration is an opportunity to demonstrate the team’s solution and how the tasks are executed. Teams are encouraged to seek out both creative and innovative solutions as well as unexpected and challenging problems to be solved.

Technical Interview

All teams will have a 15-minute technical interview judging during the competition.

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