Application Guideline(Junior Category)

Team entry for WRC2020 challenge (Junior Category)


(1) Entry Registration Period

Please access the "Entry Form" from the WRS website, enter necessary information and have your ID number issued.

*All information submitted on the Entry Form shall solely be used for the WRS.

*Entry Forms will only be available in English.

(2) Application Submission Period

After you have completed the "Entry" and received your ID number, you will receive an email which includes an URL for downloading the Application Forms.
It is important that teams submit the Application Forms.

*Teams will not be able to download the Application Forms without completing the "Entry" registration.

*Two types of Application Forms are required for submission: one common for the Junior Category and one specific to each Challenge

*Application Forms will be used to examine team's capabilities and for identification/ qualification of the Team Support Program (which covers part of the team's expenses in participating in the WRC).

*Application Forms shall be written in English.

(3) Examination / Document Screening

The WRS Selection Committee will conduct document screening based on the forms submitted by the teams.

(4) Document Screening Result Notification

Teams who passed the Document Screening has officially been qualified to participate in the WRC of the WRS 2020. Results will be informed to teams by email from the WRS Secretariat and scheduled to be announced on the WRS website.

*Please note that if the number of applying teams reaching a certain technical level is below the expected minimum for conducting the competition, a discussion may be held to determine the cancellation of a certain Challenge.

*Qualifying teams will be announced on the WRS website and asked to provide further team information upon approval.

*If your team name includes your affiliation (school name, company, etc.), please gain approval from the organization before registering your team name.

(5) Team Preparation Period
(6) WRC held in Aichi, Japan

The teams will be asked to enter the competition in Aichi.

Prize and
Various Awards

Planned to be equivalent or better total amount,
compared with the Tokyo competition in 2018.

Support for
(traveling and transporting)

Some participating teams may receive support for traveling and transporting expenses,
depending on examination of the application.

Participation Agreements

Applicants of the World Robot Challenge in 2020 are required to agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Publications of photos/video for publication

Photos and videos taken of participants and/or robots during the period of the World Robot Summit/World Robot Challenge by the WRS Secretariat, Organizers or those designated by the Secretariat/Organizers may be published on the WRS official website or in various other media.
Information such as WRC participant team names, team nationality, etc. may also be included in the aforementioned publications.

2. Exemption from Legal Liabilities

[Program Changes and/or Cancellations]

The programs of the World Robot Summit may be changed and/or cancelled by the Organizers due to unforeseeable natural disasters or other extraordinary causes. In such event, the Organizers accept no liability for damages/losses to the WRC participants or to any other parties involved.

[Accidents, Injuries and Damages]

The WRC participants bear all responsibility for personal belongings including notebook computers and robot equipment regardless of whether the participant is in or outside of the venue. Organizers accept no liability for injury, damage or accidents for personal belongings. WRC participants are required to follow all competition rules and adhere to the rules of good conduct. Organizers accept no liability for any accidents, damages, injuries, deaths, etc. that have occurred under the participants responsibilities.


Participants are required to take appropriate caution to all personal belongings. Organizers accept no liabilities for any theft that have occurred during the event.

[Personal Information]

The WRS Organizers and Secretariat will handle all personal information provided from the participants and gathered through surveys, etc. in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information. Information gathered will be used for purposes to further improve the World Robot Summit, such as in planning/designing the competitions. Personal information will not be shared with third parties or organizations.

Inquiry about competition participation

To make inquiries regarding application for the WRC2020, use the form below.

Secretariat of World Robot Summit

Please email
for inquiries
and applications
regarding sponsorship.