It is a 3D space where you can freely tour the world of WRS.

My Page

"My Page" will be issued to all users for WRS information, Pre-registration, and issuance of entry pass.
It is structured like a website, where you can find information on sponsors' exhibits, live streaming of the competition, and watch webinars.

3D Space

You can freely go around the 3D space as an avatar.
Entrance:You can find the webinar, stage video transmissions from WRS Aichi and Fukushima, and other various WRS information. WRC World: You can experience the competition in each category and watch live broadcasts of competitions. WRE World: You can tour the 3D booths of sponsors.

Original Avatar
You can tour the venue by using an avatar.
Stamp Rally
If you collect stamps, something good might happen...
Any Surprise?
If you turn on the volume when you first enter the site, something will happen...

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