About Sponsorship

I am considering to become cooperate sponsorship, what kind of sponsorship menu do you have?
Please send E-mail to your Secretariat of WRS. (info@worldrobotsummit.org)
Can you tell me the conditions and benefits of becoming a sponsorship?

As a condition of the sponsor, it is a company or organization related to robotics, If the sponsors who agrees with the purpose of the WRS event, it is basically accepting.
*The final decision will be in charged is organizer, it is because a national project.

As an advantage, it is possible to publicize for a wide range of people, such as exchange opinion with competitors and robot industry people. It is an international competition of robotics hosted by national government and international appeal is also expected.

Could you tell me the price according to the grade?
The graded price are not announced. If you have any questions about WRS 2020, please send E-mail to your Secretariat of WRS. (info@worldrobotsummit.org)

Please email
for inquiries
and applications
regarding sponsorship.