for Happiness

Efficiency. Safety. Collaboration.
Engineers and scientists
throughout the world
are entrusting the dreams of humanity
to the future of robots.

While they may seem to be in competition,
these minds actually work in solidarity.
One person's ideas inspire another's,
and one person's technology
makes another's technology possible.

Robotics is like another form of life
with which we share this planet,
and it’s growing little by little every day.

The goal of this challenge is simple:
The welfare of humanity.
That each and every person in this world
can share their lives with robots
and find happiness like never before.

In 2018, and again in 2020,
the world’s engineers and scientists
will gather in Japan.

They will come to discuss
the new future being created today,
and to create new forms of Happiness.

World Robot Summit
2018 & 2020

Robotics for Happiness

  • About


    Read an overview of World Robot Summit and Executive Committee Members.

  • Challenges


    We carry out some challenge at WRC in 4 categories (Industrial Robotics, Service Robotics, Disaster Robotics, and Junior).

  • Expo


    In conjunction with the Challenge, an Expo will be held in order to present cases of applied robotics to the world.

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