Application Guideline

Team entry for
WRC2020 challenge is
(Industrial/Service/Disaster Category)


(1) Entry: Jun. 28 (Fri.) to Aug. 31 (Sat.), 2019 *JST

Submit information by an entry form on the WEB to obtain an ID.

*Information entered in the entry form will be used only for this project.

*Entry form: English input only.

(2) Submission of applications: Jun. 28 (Fri.) to Sep. 6 (Fri), 2019 *JST

After completing the entry, you will be able to download the application sheet. Submit the application sheet with required items filled by the due date.

*Entry registration is required to download the application sheet.

*Application Sheets must be submitted in two forms, one for all challenges(sheet1) and one for each challenge(sheet2).

*Application Sheet: English input only.

(3) Examination period

[Screening Process] Sep. 7, 2019 to Oct. *JST

The submitted applications will be examined to screen the applicants.
The secretariat will inform examination results by e-mail and website in late October.
The team names will be scheduled to be announced in the website.

[Final Examination]

Final examination will be carried out to successful teams passed screening process.
The secretariat will inform and confirm the results by e-mail and website in order and passed teams will be decided to participate in the competition formally.
The participating teams will be scheduled to be announced in the website.
Moreover final examination moment will be earlier, depending on participating challenge.

*If none of the teams satisfy certain technical levels, the possibility of holding the competition will be reconsidered.

*After the notification of passing examination from the secretariat, the teams will agree with terms and conditions, then will be ask to apply for signing up team information, contracts of lending robot and so on.

*If the team name includes institution information such as a company name, be sure to confirm the license of use before registration.

(4) Competition

The teams will be asked to enter the competition in either Fukushima or Aichi, depending on the challenge.

Prize and
Various Awards

Planned to be equivalent or better total amount,
compared with the Tokyo competition in 2018.

Support for
(traveling and transporting)

Some participating teams may receive support for traveling and transporting expenses,
depending on examination of the application.

Inquiry about competition participation

To make inquiries regarding application for the WRC2020, use the form below.

Secretariat of World Robot Summit

Please email
for inquiries
and applications
regarding sponsorship.