Partner Robot Challenge
(Real Space)

(Real Space)

Setting tasks equivalent to housework and making robots that complete such tasks

*We will implement solely Real Space in 2020.
(We have implemented 2 challenges that Real Space and Virtual Space in 2018.)

(Competition time for each team is listed in the description of the video.)


The participants will compete in the concept of tidy up the room.
The task will be done by TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION HSR (Human Support Robot).

Standard Platform Robot (TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION HSR) image

photo:Standard Platform Robot (TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION HSR)


Partner Robot Challenge (Real Space)

  • Partner Robot Challenge image
  • The concept of Partner Robot Challenge is to foster the collaboration between human and robot. Not limited to assistance for handicapped person, but also in domestic home environment with living children and elderly person, it is targeted to realize a rich collaborative living environment for human and robot.
    The Key Performance Indicator is based on a 4S philosophy: Speed, Smooth/Smart, Stable and Safe.
    We hope to accelerate open innovation by using the standard platform robot.

    Details of the task is shown below.

Tidy Up Here

Subtask1. Tidy up the room
  • Subtask1: Tidy up the room image
  • Goal

    Tidy up the room where clothes, toys, plastic bottles, etc. are cluttered in a short time.
    It is important that the robot learns how to discard plastic bottles, how to handle laundry, etc.

    Technical Focus

    Semantic mapping, unknown object perception and manipulation, path planning, safe navigation, obstacle avoidance

Subtask2a. Avoiding Obstacle


Navigating to the next room while avoiding random obstacles lying on the floor.

Technical Focus

Safe navigation, Obstacle avoidance, path planning

Subtask2b. Bring me
  • Subtask2b: Bring me image
  • Goal

    Provide a person within a group with a drink from a shelf when requested.

    Technical Focus

    HRI, semantic mapping, object manipulation, motion, and path planning

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