Assembly Challenge


Assemble several mode products containing technical components required in
assembling industrial products and other goods accurately and quickly

(Competition time for each team is listed in the description of the video.)


In this competition, participating teams compete on assembling model products
that contain the technical elements necessary for assembling industrial products
and other goods as quickly and accurately as possible.
In order to respond to new production demands,
it is also required to reconfigure the robot systems for the new products in agile and lean manners.


Assembly Challenge

In the 2020 main competition, the teams have to assemble a product with new additional elements, which is based on the belt drive unit targeted in the 2018 pre-competition, so that it will accelerate development of the next-generation manufacturing systems.

In the 2020 competition, the teams are required to assemble not only the parts that are announced in advance but also some "surprise products," which will be announced just before the competition, to achieve our goal of "agile one-off manufacturing." Note that information of the parts constituting the surprise products such as the size range of the parts will be announced earlier.

Prior to the belt drive unit assembly, the teams have to complete the "task board," which contains some elemental tasks required for the belt drive unit assembly.

2018 > 2020 Major changes:

①The kitting task has been discontinued. Instead, the parts are kitted on the parts tray in advance and provided to the teams.

②The task-board task becomes more consistent to the assembly task, including the way of parts supply.

③Instead of the surprise parts, the teams have to assemble surprise products that consist of the parts whose information is announced in advance, but assembly methods are announced immediately before the competition.

Details of each task are shown below.

1. Task board

This is a competition of elemental technologies required for the belt drive unit assembly. In this task, teams have to assemble the parts, which are supplied in the same conditions as the following assembly task, to the designated locations on the task board.

Technical challenges in the task board task are as follows:

  • part recognition and grasping
  • parts fitting and nut screwing
  • flexible part assembly

2. Assembly

  • 2. Assembly image
  • This is a competition of the belt drive unit assembly using the parts kitted on the part trays. Moreover, assembly of new products with different specifications from those announced in advance (surprise products) is required as a new production demand, and system reconfiguration must be done in agile and lean manners for responding to this new demand. Note that information of the parts constituting the surprise products will be announced in advance so that teams can design robot hands and other devices.

    Technical challenges in the assembly are as follows:

    • assembling parts with very small clearances
    • flexible parts (a belt, etc.)
    • grasping and assembling tiny parts
    • simultaneous 3-part assembly
    • part recognition
    • agile response to surprise products
    • jig-less assembly

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